My.N – fully integrated business software

All of your business finance, management, sales, stock, purchase and manufacturing processes controlled in one place

Building blocks for business

Pick from My.N's 'building blocks' that can be assembled or broken up as needed to provide the exact suite of features required by you and your company's users.


My.N has a complete suite of multi-currency financials at its heart. These consist of sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, cash books and an integrated fixed asset register.

Customer Relationship Management

My.N's CRM features easily create, manage and track highly targeted marketing campaigns based on previous sales, stated preferences, customer and product groups.

Stock control

My.N is tightly integrated with the Sales Order Processing, Despatch, Works Orders, Job Costing, Epos, Purchase Order Management and Accounting modules.


My.N Purchase Ledger Control makes it easier to ensure you have the right stock, in the right place at the right time…and that you are paying the right price for it.


Our software helps you to manage the simple kitting of products to order, batch manufacture on a large scale and control the assembly of complex products over long periods of time.

Word, Excel and Outlook integration

My.N business management and accounting software links directly with Outlook for sending and receiving emails, with Word for creating documents and with Excel for exporting data.


Our support commences from the first moment you make an initial enquiry, through specification and implementation and then into the operational use of MyN.


With Microsoft SQL Server as the underlying database, My.N gives you unparalleled reliability and performance along with the tools to scrutinise large volumes of data.

About Accounting Office and My.N

My.N from Accounting Office is a fully integrated business management software system makes it easy and natural for information arising from your everyday processes to be filed, stored and referenced in your central database.

The goal of integrated business management and accounting software is to ensure that all ‘front office’ activities, such as dealing with customers, correspondence and sending mailers; work with the same data as ‘back office’ activities such as despatching, invoicing and accounting.

We are different to other accounting software companies, as our approach to integration is just one of the many opportunities you will have to build yourself a better business – block by block.

Accounting Office My.N accounts and business management features

What our customers say

My.N forms the essential heartbeat of a wide range of businesses. Many of our installations are long-standing and our personal approach works very well for many of the companies that we work with. Read what our customers have to say here and check out our case studies
Rowlands Fresh Produce van

Peter Rowlands

Rowlands Fresh Produce

"We looked at Sage, but our accountant wasn’t keen. With My.N, I liked its flexibility right away, and it looked very useable"

Thomas Fontaine cover in a field

Sam Cameron

Thomas & Fontaine

"Accounting Office clearly understood what we wanted and were able to demonstrate capability in matching their package to our process"

Tube from International Tubes and Fittings

Ray Power

International Tubes and Fittings (ITF)

With My.N, sales people benefit from stock information in real-time and sales analysis based on actual stock costs and profitability.