Features at a Glance

Accounting Office My.N stock control  illustrationGeneral

  • Real-time stock system
  • Multiple warehouses, stock types and bin locations
  • Full stock factoring (buy in cases or rolls, sell in singles or lengths)
  • Batch and serial number traceability
  • QA system for food processing
  • Stock ageing reports
  • Sell by dates
  • Loan and Consignment Stock 
  • Stock catalogue allowing style, size and colour type options
  • Customer product codes
  • Reserved stock by customer
  • Minimum stock quantities and re-order levels
  • Bill of Material and Works Order Processing


  • 99 pricing bands
  • Price by band, by case size and currency 
  • Exception pricing by customer, by stock code, by date
  • Price rules for grouped stock codes
  • Contracts tracked by volume or date
  • Regulator and cascading discounts
  • Composite stock codes


  • Stock values held on actual basis 
  • Calculated average and actual values held for reporting purposes
  • GRNI and WIP accruals automatically maintained
  • Multiple stock control accounts
  • Selectable Sales and Cost of Sales nominal accounts by stock item
  • Cost of acquisition capitalized by actual, by % value or through full Landed Cost tracking
  • VAT and Intrastat reporting
  • Sales VAT rates set by country code for ‘distance selling’
  • Analysis by Product Types and Groups

My.N business management and accounting software system, has been designed and developed to provide tight integration with the Sales Order Processing, Despatch, Works Orders, Job Costing, Epos, Purchase Order Management and Accounting modules.

The system provides you with fast, reliable and accurate processing along with an outstanding set of tools which helps you manage your stock with far greater efficiency.

This means that when you look at your stock report, you get a detailed and accurate picture of the position, in real time.

My.N’s stock system eases the whole process of controlling your stock and tight control gives Just in time Stock Control as and when required.