Flexible Management System for Farms and Crop Production

Increasing regulation and pressure on margins from the multiples means that many farmers business software is simply inadequate.

My.N is a single integrated system which manages your stocks and costs of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides per hectare, labour and machinery costs.  In addition it also provides comparison of field yields, whilst giving you full traceability for each of your harvests.

My.N will give you clear visibility of your production costs from each field, allow analysis of production and maintain traceability of materials and crops.  It simply means you can keep control of your costs and profitability.

Benefits of My.N for farm management

  • Cost Control
  • Traceability
  • Cost of Final Production
  • Extensive Analysis of Yields per hectare
  • Stock Control of Pesticides and Fertilisers
  • Full Accounting

Further reading

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