My.N web tools including e-commerceWhether you are in the office, at home or on the move, My.N business management and accounting software gives you access to your management system from any PC or device with a connection to the Internet.

Web based applications with Web Services offer many businesses competitive advantages over traditional client server applications. They are easier to install, cheaper to distribute and straightforward to administer.

My.N’s web based software platform provides a dynamic, database-driven website, web shop, business management system and our EPOS development that will help you manage your business, sell online and sell through other, more traditional channels.

You only need a browser

Accessed through any computer with a connection to the Internet. Applications are deployable instantaneously to anybody needing access.

Lower Upfront Hardware Costs

Browser based applications run on external servers and on lower specification PCs meaning you don’t have to upgrade hardware.

Shorter Implementation Time Frame

With the software already in place, you benefit from shorter implementation timeframes and lower costs.

Low Cost Infrastructure for Multiple Locations

Distributed sites; warehouses, retail outlets and offices can easily be linked using low cost internet infrastructure.

High Performance, Low Cost

My.N runs on Microsoft SQL Server, one of the most robust and secure of databases, which is supplied for a small monthly fee.

WoW option for mixed needs sites

There will be some situations where office based users need the features of a full Windows application and for these circumstances; My.N provides a WoW option; simultaneous Windows and Web browser versions of the application accessing a single database. This maintains the principal of having a single integrated system from which you manage all aspects of your business.