Providing integrated stock management, traceability and cost control for food manufacturers.

In the highly competitive food manufacturing and distribution industry, demands on producers have never been greater. The need to deliver high quality produce, at competitive prices, on time, means that pressures on margins are increasing all the time.

One way to ease this pressure is to ensure that you have the right systems in place. This will ensure that the quality of your produce and the control of your costs is efficient, productive and profitable.

My.N is a fully integrated system which will guarantee you consistency of data, remove the timely process of double entry and provide accurate real-time costings throughout your manufacturing process.


Increasing control and profitability

Within the Food Industry, My.N enables you to increase efficiency, control and profitability by managing:

  • Full batch and raw material traceability through manufacture
  • Real-time stock tracking
  • Manufacturing Orders generated from finished stock requirement
  • raw material quantity to be processed or
  • back-to-back from a sales order
  • Production and labour cost allocation; direct or from time sheets
  • Work Stages linking to the Task Manager for resource scheduling
  • Improved efficiencies through reductions in data duplication
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved operational practices
  • Rapid access to key performance indicators (KPI's)


My.N Traceability provides visibility of product from the raw materials and supplies through to your customers, helping you to meet government, customer and consumer demands.

QA System

Do you have food testing requirements? My.N's inbuilt QA System ensures that any goods received requiring certification are held in 'QA Stock' until all tests are successfully completed. Only then are they released for processing. Results are logged against each batch of products and remain with the product when it is sold.

This goes further to guaranteeing authenticity and quality to your customer and increases your reputation in the marketplace.

Immediate benefits

  • Traceability – keep track of your responsibility of 'one step forward and one step back'
  • Food testing system to ensure that every product his tested before being released for delivery
  • Recipe management – tracking ingredients and recipe mixes through the production process is easy with My.N
  • Faster and more accurate order processing
  • Efficient management of distribution
  • Integrated accounting – one system, one data entry point, means less errors