Sales meterThere are only two ways to grow your business; acquire more customers or persuade your existing customers to buy more.

Through each of its multiple sales channels, My.N business management and accounting software system, has been designed to help you help your customers buy more. You’ll be able to see your average order values increasing, and along with that, your overall turnover increasing using our Sales Ledger Software.

Sales Order Processing

Sales people have to make decisions about pricing and availability now, so getting last week’s costs, sales figures or stock report is often a waste of time. What they need is live information to help them make real time decisions. My.N’s specialist sales screens deliver the right information, at the right time enabling them to do this.

  • Fast order processing
  • Previous Orders, Alternative Items and Customer Notes displayed
  • Flexible processing options at point of sale including add Previous Line, Previous Order or Switch Stock
  • Back-to-Back Ordering, Manufacture to Order and Pre-Pick Stock
  • Credit check and payment options at point of order
  • Stock Allocation managed in real time

My.N business management and accounting software system is highly automated, ensuring that your customers get the stock they need when they need it, while maintaining healthy profit margins.

Integrated Ecommerce

My.N’s Web Shop is an extension of the main business system. This maintains the principal of having a single point from which to manage all aspects of your business. Any additions or updates automatically cascade through your system, keeping everything synchronized with the minimum of effort. Your orders are automatically processed as they are received.

Epos and Trade Counter

An integrated Epos system allows you to manage your retail and counter sales quickly and simply.

  • Single and Multi-Site support
  • Cash sales and sales to account
  • Integrated with the main sales ordering, stock and accounting system
  • Runs on standard PCs

The whole system is comprehensive, flexible and above all, easy to use.