International Tubes and Fittings (ITF)

ITF logo“When I saw a demonstration of My.N I was able to say straight away “that’s how my business works”. I didn’t say that with the other packages I saw. “Accounting Office were also able to extend our existing software to provide us with the customized elements of our original system we wanted to keep.Including coping with our industry’s convoluted structure of cascading discounts. This was a good starting point.”

Ray Power, Managing Director,  ITF

The Antique Wine Company

AWC logo“Since the installation of My.N, The Antique Wine Company has experienced unparalleled rates of growth and expansion, the benefits provided will be a major contributing factor to the company’s continued growth strategy.”

Levi Hensel, Head of Technology Marketing,  The Antique Wine Company

Maison Marques et Domaines Ltd

Maison Marques et Domaines logo“My.N was chosen for a combination of reasons. It offered far better value than anything else we looked at without any compromise on functionality. We were also confident that the transition to the new system would be relatively painless. She continues, “Our sales people were also a major consideration. I had to make sure I could transfer all of our detailed historical sales data and My.N was the only system we looked at which would do that for us.”

Martin Hulley, Sales and Purchasing Manager, Maisons Marques et Domaines Ltd

Rowlands Fresh Produce

Rowlands Fresh Produce logo“For the software to really work for us, it was important that it supported our industries'' requirements. For example we could have three different customers wanting to order the same product in three different units, In reality it is the same product coming from our stock and we need make sure that we deliver it and charge for it correctly, regardless of the unit of measurement the customer placed the order in. This is something that My.N handles with ease for us.”

Peter Rowlands,  Rowlands Fresh Produce

Thomas & Fontaine Ltd

Thomas Fontaine logo“From our first meeting with Accounting Office, they clearly understood what we wanted and were able to demonstrate capability in matching their package to our process. We realise we have a non-standard business process yet we have been able
to replace all of our existing packages with a single solution. The efficiency gains have been significant for us and the return on our investment will be considerable.”

Sam Cameron, Officer Manager, Thomas & Fontaine Ltd