Accounting Office MyN purchasing function image of manufacturing componentsMy.N business management and accounting software system with in built purchase order software makes it easier for Purchase Ledger Control for you and your purchasing department to make sure you have the right stock, in the right place at the right time … and that you are paying the right price for it.

As well as the standard purchasing reports, My.N provides additional systems to help and support your purchasing department.

Suggested Purchase Orders

Suggested purchase orders is a powerful and easy to use purchasing aid. It looks at a range of pre-set criteria and generates suggested purchase orders which you can review, amend and confirm. It can do this for single or multiple suppliers.

Purchase Order Planner

The Purchase Order Planner is a superb planning tool that helps you manage and schedule your purchases using an extended variety of criteria. This includes buffer stock, sales per day, in manufacture and on order quantities. It offers outstanding flexibility allowing you to back flush through Bills of Materials and to perform ‘What if’ testing.

Accounting For Acquisition Costs

My.N gives you a choice of two methods for rolling up acquisition and importation costs into the value of your stock. This gives you a more accurate stock valuation ensuring your margin reports reflect your true costs of stock acquisition:

Setup Costs allow you to account for up to 11 types of cost on receipt of an item. This can be done as a fixed value or as a percentage.

Landed Costs is ideal for companies importing shipments. It allows you to model all of the actual shipping, duty and insurance costs associated with their importation. On receipt, these costs are rolled up with the actual purchase cost of stock to give you as accurate a stock cost as possible.