My.N from Accounting Office Software Ltd is a fully integrated, easy-to-implement business management and accounting system, designed specifically for managing and automating many of the processes within the brewing industry.

Effective Brewery Management

My.N helps you increase efficiency, control and
profitability by managing:

  • Duty Suspended / Duty Paid stock
  • Automatic duty calculation and accruals
  • Recipe management
  • Full stock control inc. traceability
  • Delivery / Route planning
  • Point of Sale
  • Fully integrated accounts

A system which automates much of your business simply means you’ll be able to process more orders with less effort.

Manage your Sales Leads, Customers and Suppliers

Integrated as part of the system, My.N Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows to manage all of your relationships with your customers and suppliers, plus your marketing and telesales.

Marketing benefits

Marketing will benefit from an environment for building targeted marketing lists based on real-time information, and telesales will benefit greatly from the call scheduling facility, all within a single system.

The whole system is comprehensive, flexible and above all, easy to use.

Immediate benefits of My.N brewery management

  • Faster order taking
  • Accurate order pricing
  • Automated duty calculations and accruals<
  • Simple customer invoicing
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Reduced errors and time inputting data, as information is only entered into the system once