A planned, well-integrated electronic point of sale (EPoS) system delivers major benefits. Efficiency is improved, errors reduced and better access to information means you can offer a more responsive service, developing better relationships with customers and suppliers.

Comprehensive, flexible and easy to use

My.N's EPoS System is simply an extension to the main commercial system. It links your till points directly with your stock, purchasing, sales and accounting systems. This brings BIG benefits and savings right throughout your organisation, tracking transactions and automating procedures.

All till transactions, including cash and account sales, are posted in the system in real time. This keeps accurate track of the amount of cash in your till, and implements credit control at the point of sale.

The system also records every stock transaction, linking them with tranactions in other parts of the system such as your telesales and web sales. This provides you with a complete data set for analysis of volumes, margins and profits. EPoS also integrates the till with the Sales Ordering system allowing you to order a special or out of stock item while processing a sale. This order is automatically fed through to the purchasing system, allocating to the customer on receipt.

Features at a Glance

  • Integrated with main stock, purchasing, sales and accounting  system.
  • Provides REAL-TIME visibility of all cash, sales and stock transactions
  • Supports multiple tills and sites

Till Features

  • Accepts cash, cheque and credit card payment methods
  • Process cash and credit sales to a customer account
  • Full credit control at point of sale for credit account customers
  • Accepts payments on account at till
  • Process a sales order at till
  • Applies customer pricing rules
  • Barcodes and pricing by case size
  • Create customers at point of sale
  • Sales to a customer paid by a 3rd party eg finance company
  • Gives visibility of available credit
  • Allows line and sale discounts
  • Deposits, refunds, returns, vouchers
  • Cheque encashment
  • Incidental payments for ad-hoc expenses
  • Serial and batch tracking at point of sale
  • Print till receipt or full receipt
  • Supports till drawer, tally roll printers, POS displays and barcode scanners