Manage Split Cases, Stock Tracking, Buying and Invoicing with Ease

My.N from Accounting Office Software Ltd is a fully integrated, easy-to-implement business management and accounting system. It has been designed specifically to handle many of the processes required to run your day-to-day business.

Increased efficiency

Within the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Industry, My.N enables you to increase efficiency, control and profitability by managing:

  • Process in boxes, kilos or singles
  • Sales Orders
  • Picking Sheets
  • Catch Weights
  • Stock Control
  • Traceability
  • Suggested Purchasing
  • Invoicing and Accounts
  • My.N Organize (Customer Relationship Manager)

Make more money for less work

My.N brings together all of your front office dealings with your back office activities, and simplifies them.

Once installed you will see immediate improvements in quicker order taking, automatic production of picking sheets, faster despatch, streamlined accounts.

It just means you make more money for less work.

Immediate benefits

  • Split cases, catch weights and units of measure handled automatically
  • Full stock control including traceability
  • Faster and more accurate order processing
  • Picking and packing notes produced with ease
  • Efficient management of distribution
  • Accounting
  • My.N Organize (CRM)

Case study

Read the Rowlands Ltd company case study on how it has increased its margins by 3% since installing My.N