My.N for the Drinks Industry is an integrated business management and accounting package specifically designed for the wine, beer and spirits industry.

The system is comprehensive, flexible and easy to use

Once installed, the system simplifies and automates the complex processes involved in managing bonded and duty-paid stock, duty revaluations, commission orders, wholesaling, retailing, en primeur sales, managing customer reserves, marketing and selling via the Web.

Make it easy for your Sales People to take orders

It's your sales people who have the most contact with your customers and to reflect this, My.N's sales screens have been specifically developed to provide key customer information at the point of order. This includes previous orders, current stock availability and alternatives for items not in stock.

Real-time Stock Control

My.N's stock control system is highly automated and efficient with every receipt, revaluation and despatch being recorded in real time. Bonded and duty paid stock can be held in multiple warehouses and stock valuations are managed on an actual cost bases. Stock for duty-paid orders taken against stock-held-in-bond are automatically released and revalued at the point of despatch. With management of case fractions as bottles, the tracking of stock by rotation number and a whole host of options for en primeur and commissioned orders, My.N offers you the complete management system for your business.

Increase the effectiveness of your Marketing

My.N enables you to manage and target your customers based on a broad range of criteria to suit your business, including what they have bought previously, buying patterns, stated preferences, area codes, account types, product types, product groups ... and if none of these are suitable, you can simply add your own fields based on your business specializations.What this means to you is that when it comes to sending out that great offer on a great vintage you can build a list based on previous buying habits, stated preferences and tastes, and distribute it either via Microsoft Word or as an email direct to the people who are most likely to buy from you. Your offers become more relevant and of interest to the recipient, meaning that your offer is more likely to be read and acted upon.

Make more money for less work

My.N brings together all of your front office dealings with your back office activities, and simplifies them.

You will see immediate improvements in quicker order taking, faster despatch, streamlined accounts and automatic calculation of duty.

It just means you make more money for less work.

Case study

Read how The Antique Wine Company has experienced "unparalleled rates of growth and expansion" since installing My.N for the Drinks Industry