My.N Organize CRM illustrationMy.N Organize is total Customer Relationship Management, allowing you to easily create, manage and track highly targeted marketing campaigns based on previous sales, stated preferences, customer and product groups. Empower your sales team by giving them complete visibility and details of those clients and prospects that are most likely to buy from you.

Integrated across your business

My.N Organize offers Total Relationship Management. This goes much further than traditional CRM systems by providing a common set of tools that can be used right across the company.

My.N is a single database of customers, suppliers, contractors and prospects. Saved within each contact is the complete history of their previous transactions, every communication sent from, or received into the business – every piece of marketing literature, email, order and letter is automatically saved providing complete visibility across all departments.

This ensures that businesses no longer suffer ‘remote islands’ of information which are only available to certain members of staff, or locked in an individual’s personal documents or email account.
Marketing for success

My.N Organize allows marketing to build highly targeted lists based on real-time information, including quotations and sales, customers buying habits, stated preferences, latency and recency of purchases together with your own user defined options. The resulting lists can be merged with Microsoft Word, Outlook or distributed directly through My.N’s own email client.

The success of each marketing campaign can be tracked allowing you to test, tailor and improve each offering. Follow-up actions are automatically generated meaning that your sales people are clearly targeted on what they have to follow up on, and that they never miss out on that hot lead.

My.N’s Campaign Manager gives you complete visibility and quantifiable data of the success of your marketing, something which has not been possible before.

Events and Tasks

My.N Organize is uses a unique workflow of Events and Tasks to ensure that everything is recorded and everything is followed up. If it is not, the system gives you clear visibility on what people have to do, and is an ideal way of making sure that things happen when they should.

Documents and data, all in one place

A single system for everyone in your business, and having all your documents in one place brings advantages for every department.

All communication and correspondence is available across the company.

Data is not retained on an individual sales person’s laptop, so if their computer goes down, or they are out of the office, then important client information is not lost. Excellent customer service can continue seamlessly. Accounts people can easily see all discussions with the customer, supplier, contractor, broker, shipper etc. Management also have information at their fingertips.

Fantastic opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling

“Since installing My.N Organize, our marketing has been much more effective. We can now quickly and easily send relevant offers to customers based on their previous purchases. Prior to this we were sending blanket mailers to everyone on our prospect and customer lists. My.N Organize has saved us a small fortune in printing and postage costs, and ensures that our marketing is properly targeted. “