My.N business management and accounting software system, is a highly configurable and flexible management module, ideally suited to businesses running jobs and projects.

Our integrated Job and Project Costing software offers you the flexibility to manage anything from a straightforward product sale to a complex project, where a wide range of costs have to be collected. These can include time sheet bookings, expenses, stock items and special purchases, delivered to multiple locations and billed using a variety of rules.


Allows you to quickly model and forecast the cost of a job by assigning materials, labour, special purchases and sub-contracted services. Past quotes and templates are available to make the process as efficient as possible.


When a job goes live, costs can be booked to the job either directly, or through the stock, purchase and timesheet modules. Purchase orders can be raised directly from the job and invoicing is controlled by a series of flexible billing rules. Job costing becomes easy as all information is in the same place.

Contract Costing

Contract costing includes a number of additional features which manage and account for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), Applications for Payment and retentions.


All emails, telephone calls and documents can be recorded against a quotation and carried forward to the live job. This maintains a complete record of all related communications and documents to do with that job and any person involved with it. Each communication can be Tasked which is ideal for keeping on top of routine and ad-hoc requirements that typically arise in a project-based environment.

Work Stages

Work Stages allow you to set key milestones for a project. A direct link to the Task Manager lets you allocate and monitor a time-frame, personnel and resource to each stage.

Work Stages can be linked and layered which means you can make sure everything happens at the right time and in the right order.


For reporting purposes, you can look at a single job in isolation, or a group of jobs which have been linked by a common Activity code. This allows you to break large jobs into a series of smaller jobs whilst maintaining your reporting capability. Job costing and project costing can be seen from an overall view, or broken down into individual components.

  • Handling of enquiries and quotations
  • Assigning, and tracking costs by job
  • Delivery of products and services to customers
  • Applications, invoicing and CIS