My.N multiple currency handling illustrationAs a fully integrated business management and accounting package, My.N has a complete suite of multi-currency financials at its heart. These consist of sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, cash books and an integrated fixed asset register.

The nominal ledger structure is flexible, functional and intuitive. It has a multi-layered design with a hierarchical structure that allows you to configure and re-configure your chart of accounts as the need arises.


Quick access to information can be achieved using the many browse and drill-down features in the system.A host of standard reports are available which provide commonly required information. Reports can be exported to Word, Excel or to PDF for emailing from within the system.

Any Income or Expenditure can be broken down for reporting in the P&L using Departments, Cost Centres, Sites or Depots.

Activity based reporting allows you to report outside the P&L.

Ad-hoc queries can be made directly on your data using the Interactive Query screen. The data from these queries can be exported directly to Excel.

Financial Periods

Month and year end routines are very simple, and because of the way transactions are tracked, management reports can be produced without the need to close a period down. Entries can be posted to future periods.

Cash Book

Accounts can be held in multiple currencies and transfers can be made between all accounts. Payments and Receipts can be made to Sales, Purchase or Nominal Ledger accounts.

Currency Revaluation

My.N’s business management and accounting software has been designed as a multi-currency system, accepting foreign currency and EC VAT, Sales and purchase ledgers, plus the cash book can be revalued as currencies fluctuate. The provisions posted are automatically flushed out when the exchange differences crystallize on payment or receipt.


Journals can be posted to Sales, Purchase or Nominal Ledgers. The system supports Journal Templates, Auto-Reversing Journals, Spread Journals and Reversing Spread Journals.


Budgets can be set by Nominal Account, Department and Cost Centre. Revisions can be saved and your P&L can be compared to your original or any subsequent revision.

Fixed Assets

Fully integrated fixed asset processing allows a fixed asset to be bought on a PO, depreciated automatically and sold on a Sales Invoice with the gain or loss automatically posted to the ledger.


Each transaction is posted to the ledgers in full. Any general ledger posting can be verified by viewing the full double entry posting with direct reference to the source document.