Module Alterations
Events > Events and Tasks > Receive Emails Subject - HTML encoded characters are now converted to plain text as the subject is displayed as plain text
Organize > Companies > Manage Companies Contact Salutation - The description column has been removed from the salutation lookup list as it showed the same information as the code column
Organize > Companies > Manage Companies Delivery Addresses - Default Delivery Address lookup list is now ordered by address number
Organize > Companies > Edit Contact / Delivery Address Selection - The correct address / contact is now returned from the selection screen when a grid filter or order has been set
Purchase > Orders > Requisitions Staff Names - Budget Holder and Requestor names are displayed even if data has only been entered against one of the Forename or Surname fields on the staff record
Purchases > Invoices for Purchase Orders Receive goods with Invoice - Goods are now received against the invoice date when the 'DefPIOutRecv' system parameter is enabled (for systems set up to automatically receive goods and post to the GRNI account at the point of invoicing)
Purchase / Sales > Cash Matching Settlement Discount - The correct exchange rate is now posted when calculating the settlement discount amount for companies that have been set up to use a currency other than the base currency e.g. ECU, USD. The settlement discount amount validation checks also take the account's currency into consideration
Sales > Despatch Despatch Screen - Despatch information is now saved when editing rows on the despatch grid by using the F2 key
Sales > Telesales Default Delivery Address - The Default Delivery Address lookup list is now filtered to only show the selected company's addresses
Sales > Telesales Event & Word buttons - The Add Event, Email and Word document buttons are now linked against the selected contact (New Skin: nbfTeleSales)
Sales > Hire and Rental > Hire Maintenance Copy to New Agreement - A warning message is now displayed to inform users that all hire stock linked to the current agreement will be returned to standard stock, before being reassigned to the new agreement. Users are also informed that this procedure cannot be reversed. System will no longer attempt to return sold stock
Sales > Credits > Receive Goods Select Credit / Collection Note - The 'Post' column heading has been altered to 'Posted to A/C.' This is an indicator to show that the transaction has already been posted against the account (Y = Credit Note, N = Credit Collection) (New Skin: nbfSCCollection)
Sales > Credits > Receive Goods Part receive Collection Note - Credit Note is only raised against the received goods, rather than the whole Collection Note
Nominal > Fixed Assets Depreciation - Calculation for depreciation by period has been amended to deal with assets that were acquired on the same date as a period end date. Remaining pennies are also added to the last period e.g. £33.33, £33.33 and £33.34 for a 3 period year
Nominal > Cashbook > Bank Reconciliation Screen layout - The Select All and Hold Selection buttons are now visible (New Skin: nbfBankReconciliation)
Nominal > Ledger Maintenance > Staff Dead Flag - Staff records that have been marked as dead are no longer considered when retrieving the current user's staff record details e.g. email settings
Nominal > Ledger Maintenance > Staff Linked Login - System now deals with blank lines in the linked login grid rather than displaying an error message on save
Nominal > Revaluation Transaction Date - The Transaction Date field is disabled on all revaluation screens until the 'Use Transaction Date' option is selected. The exchange rate to be used for the revaluation is also displayed
Nominal > Budgets > Budget Spread Template User Interface- The Template Code field is now disabled after a spread template is selected and the cursor is moved to the description field. Percentage column is now displayed to 4 decimal places (New Skin: nbfBudgetSpreadTemplate)
Nominal > Budget Spread Template Percentage Error - Error message that gets displayed when the percentage total doesn't equal 100 now shows the current percentage total.
Nominal > Complaints Error Message - Error casting string to decimal has been resolved. This error will no longer appear when posting a credit / collection from a Complaint
Nominal > Browse Latest Transactions Alter Posting Date - System now blocks users from altering dates of transactions that are in closed periods. User is informed that the alter date transactions will be posted to the first open period if an adjustment date from a closed period is selected.
Reporting > Nominal > Detailed Profit & Loss Parameter Screen - Window title has been amended to remove the duplicated 'Detailed' word
Tools > Import Window Title - The window title on the import sales ledger transactions file selection screen has been amended to display 'Sales Ledger Transactions'
Tools > Import > Nominal Groupings Validation - Nominal groupings are no longer required to begin with a B or P when using the import facility
Grids > Edit Columns > Selection / Order Property Selection - Error message has been altered to inform the user that no property has been selected when selecting the '<' or '>' buttons, but no property selection has been made.

Minor Features

Module Functionality
File > Custom Properties Date & Time - A DateTime custom property type is now available. This will save the time along with the date
File > Custom Properties Date & DateTime - All Date and DateTime custom properties are now defaulted to show the enabled check box. Checkbox is ticked once a date is set
Organize > Events and Tasks > Add Events Print Event - Plain text events can now be printed by selecting Options > Print
Organize > Events and Tasks > View Events Print Event - Ability to print saved events from the new Options dropdown list. Can also View Source and View in Browser (New skin: nbfViewEvent)
Organize > Companies > Manage Companies > Browse Deactivated Companies - The Company browse via Mange Companies now has an option to include deactivated Companies. This option is not available when this screen is called from anywhere else.
Organize > Messages (Alerts) > Process Messages Message Date & Time - The message sent date & time and postponed date & time are now available on the Process Messages grid. The date & time of each message in the thread is also shown (New Skin: nbfProcessMessageAlert)
Organize > Messages (Alerts) > Create Message Auto Close - An Auto Close check box has been added to the bottom right hand corner of the Create Message screen. This will automatically close the screen after sending a message when selected. The Selected Staff option is also automatically set and a confirmation prompt is displayed when selecting the Clear Message button. (New Skin: nbfAddAlertMessage)
Purchase > Orders > Requisitions Requisition lookup - The requisition browse screen has been extended to show additional information e.g. Requisition date
Purchases > Pay Suppliers BACS Run - Generated BACS files are defaulted to use the txt extension, with an option of selecting CSV or XML. The standard Save window is displayed rather than the Open window and the Cash Book Account & Name fields are now displayed as read only labels (New Skin: nbfProcessBACS)
Purchase > Pay Suppliers Supplier Payment List Report - Supplier name as well as the supplier code is now displayed on the report.
Sales > Despatch Custom Properties - Custom Properties are now available on despatch and despatch item. These are saved at the point of invoicing and are linked to HSINVTRN and DSINVTRN by invoice number
Sales > Despatch Progress Bar - A progress bar is displayed when selecting the 'Auto Pick All' or 'Auto Pick Selected' buttons if there are more than 10 orders to despatch
Sales > Credits > Collection Notes Assign - The Assign button is now disabled once selected, or when an existing Collection Note is loaded.
Sales > Credits > Collection Notes Document Lock - Collection Notes are now locked against a user when when viewing or editing. This prevents more than one user from editing the same Collection Note at the same time.
Sales > Quotations Exception Price - An exception price status label is now available on Quotations. 'Exception Price' will appear in red, in the same way as it does on Sales Orders when an exception price is found for that item. (New Skin: nbfQuotation)
Nominal > Ledger Maintenance > Cash Books Accounts Dead Flag - Cash Book accounts can now be marked as dead to exclude them from lookup lists
Nominal > Budgets > Copy Budgets Copy Budgets - New option to confirm overwrite of all duplicated budgets in one go, rather than one at a time
Nominal > Complaints Linked Stock Items - Batch numbers are now displayed against the sales invoice lines when selecting linked items. This information is also saved against the complaint (New Skin: nbfAddToComplaint)
Nominal > Complaints Notes/Events - An events grid is now available on Complaints with options to add, view, delete and search. These will also be brought through the events grids on Manage Events, Manage Companies, Telesales etc. (New Skin: nbfComplaints)
Nominal > Complaints Document Lock - Complaints are now locked against a user when when viewing or editing. This prevents more than one user from editing the same Complaints at the same time.
Stock Items > Browse Deactivated Stock Items - The Stock Item browse via Stock Item Maintenance now has an option to include deactivated items. This option is not available when this screen is called from anywhere else.
Reports > Nominal > Budget Usage Summary by Year - Budget amounts against expense nominal accounts are flipped to be shown as negative for the grand total calculation. All P&L budgets must be entered as positive amounts
Reports > Nominal > Budget Usage Summary by Year & Detail - Report is ordered by the budget's Responsible Staff Member. Page breaks are also used to split the report by Staff Member.
Reports > Cashbook > Detailed Listing > List From Date Accumulated Balance - The running balance is now displayed on each line
Reports > Sales > Delivery Manifest Delivery Manifest - A standard delivery manifest report is now available. Report includes the order & invoice numbers, account information and weight breakdown. (Report Code: SalesDeliveryManifest)
Tools > Change Processing Date Processing Date - The processing date is now highlighted in red and shown at the top right hand corner of the toolbar when it differs from the computer's actual date
Tools > Import Warnings - All import facilities that delete existing data before importing the new values now display a warning message to inform the user e.g. stock buy prices
Tools > Import > Budgets Budget Spread Template - Spread templates can now be used when importing budgets. Budgets can also be imported against a financial year number rather than the year end.
Tools > Import > Refurbished Stock Validation - Quantity is now a mandatory field for the Refurbished Stock import as stock can't be incremented without this information. A warning message informing the user that stock will be incremented as a cost of £0 is also displayed when the UnitCost property hasn't been included.