Module Alterations
Sales Order Purchase Nominal - It was found when on Back to Back Sales Order stock item would use the Budget nominal rather than the Purchase Nominal when a Requisition generated the Sales Order. This has been altered so this does not occur
Organize > Events and Tasks > All Tasks Task Organisation - there was an issue that every time you would open a task it was cause it to save which in turn would change the date and time on it, this caused the task list to be re ordered.
Sales > Statements Email Statements - There was an issue that if you have selected a sales contact on the company it would store the contact ItemRef and not clear it, then if the following company did not have a sales contact selected (just the email address for the company filled in) it would send the email to the correct person but link the event raised to the wrong contact.
Stock > Stock Item Maintenance CIS - Once you have created a stock item you cannot change the CIS Exempt flag however the screen would allow you. This has been changed and it now disables the control.
Engine Get Ref - If you call get ref or get increment ref with a code greater than 5 it would be truncated with no warning, we now throw an error.
Alert Message There was an issue that when you delete all messages from a single person it would delete them for all users. This has been changed s it will only delete the ones sent to you.
Copy Company Copy Company - There was an issue where the program said it had finished the backup before it had.
Organize > Manage Companies Remittance Address - Screen is refreshed to show the updated remittance address when the 'Use Separate Remittance Address' option is selected. The displayed values are saved to the database (Address is updated to be the same as the company address when 'Use Separate Remittance Address' is not selected)
Organize > Companies > Delivery Addresses Custom Properties - Custom Properties can now be saved against new delivery addresses
Organize > Companies > Contacts Custom Properties - Custom Properties can now be saved against new contacts
Purchases > Orders > Requisition Authorisation - Exceeding the budget limit no longer affects the required authorisation level of a requisition
Purchase > Outstanding Requirements Add to Purchase Order - Sites, Departments and Cost Centres are copied over from the requisition to the generated purchase order. Can no longer alter the quantity at this point
Purchase > Outstanding Requirements Add to Purchase Order - Multiple lines from the same requisition can now be copied over to the same generated purchase order
Purchases > Authorize Invoices Filters & Order - The correct details are displayed when selecting the Query Status button or double clicking the grid when an order / filter has been set
Purchases > Browse Suppliers Reverse & Unmatch - Purchase Order Processing feature license is no longer required for un-matching and reversing purchase transactions
Sales > Orders > Create or Amend Orders Back to Back Orders - It's now possible for a sales order to contain both Back to Back via Stores and Back to Back Direct lines. System used to set them to the same Back to Back type
Sales > Credits > Credit Collection Notes VAT Only Line - VAT Only Line removed from the Options dropdown menu. Cannot have a VAT Only line on a Collection Note
Sales > Ledger Maintenance > Debt Chasing Debt Chasing - Unmatched credits warning message only displayed once per account
Nominal > Budgets > Maintain Budgets Linked Staff Members - Now possible to update the Main Contact, Send Instant Message and Set Task options against each linked staff member
Nominal > Budgets > Set Baselines Staff Assignment - All existing linked staff member details are copied over to the new budgets when a budget baseline is created. A progress bar is also displayed at the top left hand corner (New skin: nbfBudgetBaseLineRev)
Nominal > Budgets > Copy Budgets Nominal Collection - The Nominal Collection column must be displayed before users are allowed to copy budgets. The copy budgets procedure required information from this field
Nominal > Ledger Maintenance > Cash Books Accounts BACS - BBBLF BACS format has been altered to include the supplier's account name
Stock > Browse Stock Refurbished Items - Calculation for the Gross/Net value of refurbished items has been altered to take the VAT margin cost into consideration
Reports > Nominal > P&L Reports Running Totals - User defined running totals are now displayed at the correct levels if there are no transactions against any nominal accounts within a particular heading
Reports > Nominal > P&L Reports Variance - Calculation for the variance % has been altered on the standard and detailed P&L reports to match the extended P&L report. (Comparative - Current for expenditure accounts, Current - Comparative for income accounts). Column header has also been altered to '% Variance'
Reports > Nominal > P&L Extended Previous Year - The Previous Year dropdown option is only displayed when there's a previous year available in the system
Reports > Nominal > Detailed Listing Display - Width of the Amount column has been increased to prevent data truncation
Reporting > Nominal > Budget Usage Budget Usage Report - The time it takes to generate and display the Budget Usage report has been reduced substantially.
Reporting > Purchases > Aged Balances List Transactions - Report only displays outstanding transactions for the selected date
Tools > Import > Companies Validation - Invalid default nominal accounts are now listed in the import warning file, rather than displaying a popup box for each one
Tools > Import > Budgets Budget Import - Total only budgets can now be imported. System will split the amount evenly between the number of periods if no spread template is entered
Default Templates Default Templates - Cash Payment, Cash Receipt, Cheque and Remittance Advice default templates have been updated
Custom Properties Validation - Custom Property names are now validated before being created. They can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores, and must start with a character
Grids Filter On - Data in the selected cell is committed before setting the filter. This prevents any error messages when the cursor is in a editable cell
Open Door Reports Export to PDF - Text will no longer overlap into the next filed / column when exporting to PDF
Multiple Monitors Screen Position - The main program window and all screens will now appear on the user's first monitor, if they were previously displayed on another monitor that has been disconnected. Prevents issue where screens aren't displayed on the remaining connected monitors
Stock -> Stock Item Maintenance Copy Stock - Fixed issue stopping the stock item being copied
Purchases -> Ledger Maintenance Save - Fixed error stopping new suppliers being created

Minor Features

Module Functionality
Reports > Nominal > Detailed Listing Outside Budget - New option to only display transaction that aren't associated to a budget.
Organize > Company > Delivery Address VAT on Delivery Country - Delivery Country has been added to Delivery Locations. Delivery Country property is set on Sales Orders and the VAT rate on Despatch will be adjusted based on the VAT rules linked to the Delivery Country.
Purchase->Payment Payment methods - Credit Card and Standing Order have been added to the payment options.
Importing Template association - Templates created will be filtered by the import type selected so only those associated to the type of import selected will be offered in the look up browse
Stock_>Bins Stock Bin Locations - A stock item can have multiple Bin locations associated
Import->Stock Bin Locations Import Stock Bin Locations - Stock Bin locations has the facility to be imported
Import ->Stock Barcodes Barcodes - There is a facility to import Barcodes linked to Stock items
License Features CRM - The CRM facilities has been separated out from the Task Resource and Job Management license features
License Features Limit - The software keeps track of how many modules of a feature are open and is kept under the max allowed when a feature is licensed.
Bank Bacs BACS - The export layout for Barclays bulk payment credit is available.
Company Purchase Nominal - If the option Allow posting to Balance sheet has been set in the system parameters the default browse list when setting the Purchase Nominal on a company will include Balance sheet nominals
Print Certificate of Analysis - When Send Emails is selected from the print queue the QC contact flag set on the company is used to find whom to send the document to.
Browse Grids Clipboard - The options copy to clipboard is available on browse grids when the 'Export Data' option is selected.
Manifest Depot - The Depot of each Order is available.
Organize > Events and Tasks > All Tasks Task Organisation - A switch has been added to allow the selection of the order of the task list, by current date time when you last changed it or by when it was created.
Engine Stored Procedures - No lock and rowlock have been added to some sql statements to help reduce deadlocking occurring.
Bank Bacs BACS - A new type called BBBLFNC has been added, this is the same as BBBLF except without the contra line at the end.
Stock Bin Locations We have added new functionality that allows you to set the bin locations at stock item level.
Shipment > Purchase Orders Force Close - Purchase Orders on a Stock trade that has outstanding items on it can now be closed using this method
Organize > Companies > Manage Companies Inactive - An Active column has been added to the browse companies screen when viewing from the Manage Companies screen. This enables users to identify which accounts are active and inactive.
Organize > Events and Tasks > Tasks Outlook Calendar Events - Users are now prompted to send a decline response when deleting an Outlook Calendar Event from their task list.
Purchases > Invoices & Credits Validation - Warning messages are displayed when a date less / greater than a year from the processing date is entered on a purchase invoice & credit. The date range can be altered by setting the following system parameters; PurchasePastDateWarningDays, PurchaseFutureDateWarningDays
Nominal > Cash Book > Payments Cheque Printing - A cheque document is now generated when entering a payment type of System Printed Cheque against a cash book payment. Users are restricted to selecting only one supplier / customer when System Printed Cheque has been selected, and cannot mix supplier, customer and ledger accounts within the same payment. The payment type is also displayed against cheque documents on the Print Queue. Cheques can be produced for nominal and customer ledger transactions.
Open Door Reports Export to Excel - Report sub heading and current date are now exported to Excel. Column heading cells are underlined, rather than underlining the text within the cells
Fixed Assets "Include Disposed" - The checkbox value is now saved and recalled correctly
Fixed Assets "Include Disposed" - The checkbox now works correctly after being clicked multiple times
Help Menu About - The about screen shows whether My.N is being run as 32 or 64bit
Help Menu About - About is now automatically added to the help menu
Help Menu Help Menu - The following options are now automatically authorized for all users: Getting Started, Reference Help, My.N On the Web, Web Support and About
Cash Payments / Receipts Matching - One match screen per account is opened now, previously if you'd have done two cash payments/receipts to the same account two match windows would open for the same account
Starter Version Number - Added additional version number for users to increment rather than incrementing the main version number
Gauges Gauge Properties - When adding a new gauge to the screen it immediately presents the properties screen
License Agreement Updated License
License Agreement License Agreement - Forces user to scroll to the bottom of the license before agreeing