Module Alterations
Purchases > Outstanding Requirements Grid Order - Grid now retrieves & edits the correct records when a column order is set
Open Door Reporter Export to Excel - Number of rows between exported lists has been reduced to improve the layout
Shipments Costs split rounding - It has been found there can be a .01 rounding due to setting the decimal places for a country when My.N calculates to 4 decimal places. An automatic check takes place and if there is a .01 difference this is places on the last cost entry.

Minor Features

Module Functionality
Organize > Email Use Outlook - The specified sender address is now used when emailing through Outlook, rather than using the default account in Outlook. Sender address account must exist in Outlook on the PC
Sales > Credits VAT Service Line - Adding invoice lines from the history grid will set the VATServiceLine status
Nominal > Staff Delete - System checks if staff member can be deleted before attempting to delete to prevent the SQL foreign keys error message
Customers Sales Invoice to Parent - a customer's sales invoice can be credited and a journal entry raised against the parent. This will allow Customer Satellite sites to raise orders and stock monitored and the head office is invoiced.
Support Documents GDPR Action - How to use the GDPR options and includes a setup guide.
Customers Daily Delivery Route - A Company can have a route for each day and the route position can also be set
Sales Order Force interface refresh - When altering the despatch date the front end now refreshes
Work Orders Build Forecast Quantity - This is the quantity required for each line when a value is entered on what is intended to be built.
Companies PC Anywhere - A facility to look up an address via a third party link.
Shipment Planning General Tasks - A system parameter can be switched on so that when the Financial value changes a task is sent to the finance team to check the values.
Tasks Tasks - We have added a date range to the tasks to stop loading all tasks. This is to make the system more efficient.