Module Alterations
Organize > Email Images - Option to upload & use web images has been disabled for test companies
Purchases > Requisitions Delivery Address - Delivery Address is passed through to the linked Purchase Order
Nominal > Fixed Assets Include Disposed - The Include Disposed option now works correctly when it has already been set on form load
Nominal > View Latest Transactions Account Code - Account Code is now displayed against cost split lines
Reports > Detailed Ledger Listing Include Summary Totals - Carried Forward figure is now displayed in the correct debit/credit column
Reports > Budget Usage Budget Order - Report is now ordered by Nominal, Nominal Collection, Department, Cost Centre, rather than by Budget ItemRef
Copy company Users- When a copy company is created and the default company is not acocmp1 it was found a table of users was not kept and meant a none administrator could not log in.
Debt Chasing Payments - When a dept list is created and subsequently the outstanding invoice was paid, it was not removed from the list. This has been adjusted so that this paid invoice is not included.
Nominal -Revaluation Cashbook - If exchange rate not found the Exchange rate code is shown.
Sales Cash Matching Cash Match - When a second base currency account is cashmatched and settlement discount is set and the settlement discount is cleared the second base currency amount wasn’t cleared as well. This has been set so it does get cleared.
Upgrade Mailer ID - In some cases the next mailer ID to be issued was less than it should be so it's been reset to the correct number
Upgrade Acme Billiards - The Acme Billiards company couldn't be created
Despatch Despatch - Wrong despatch being saved when the despatch grid was ordered/filtered
Mailers Mailers - When getting a new mailer reference it would sometimes hang
Mailers Mailer Tracking - The mailer tracking wouldn't start up on a new site
Countries Country - Dead flag added to countries
GDPR Unsubscribe - Data now blanked in the unsubscribe table
General Reallocate Orders - The system didn't take into consideration third party or reserved stock
Despatch Despatch - When cancelling a stock pick it wouldn't always release the stock
Hire agreement Agreements - The agreement list wasn't being filtered when you change the account code

Minor Features

Module Functionality
Nominal > Cash Payments & Receipts Transaction Ref - Posted Transaction Reference is now displayed after posting a cash payment / receipt
Nominal > Bank Reconciliation Print - The Print button will now display a report without the extra prompt to View, Print, Open or Cancel
Nominal > Countries Country Lookup - Lookup list no longer displays countries which have been marked as dead
Nominal > Staff Maintenance Add Budgets - A new Add Budgets button is now available. This allows users to add multiple budgets against the selected staff member in one go. Also, budgets against old revision numbers are no longer displayed against staff records
Tools > Import Staff Records - Import is now available for staff records (ToolsImportStaffMembers)
BACS Lloyds Formats - Thre new formats for Stering, European and Intertational BACs payements hev been introduced
Cash Book Account Sequence No. - Each BACS file for Lloyds require a unique sequence number. This can be seen and adjusted on the Bank Account
Shipments Trading Splitting - To reduce SQL I/O static data is held in memory.
Work Orders Production - A Module to state what has been completed is available. The purpose is to aid by simplifying Work Order creation by stating how many has been made, letting you select stock and automatically completes to finished stock.
Company - Bacs Company - For lloyds international a Beniciciary reference is required.
Customer Browse Open and all Items - The first line of the ledger item is available on the summary screen.
Supplier Browse Open and all Items - The first line of the ledger item is available on the summary screen.
Copy company Copy Company - We have added changes to immediately remove the transaction log and switch the recovery mode to simple.
Companies -> Preferred Items Preferred Items - We have extended the functionality to allow the limitation of selecting stock items to sell outside of those chosen in preferred items.
MTDfB MTDfB - We have added functionality to upload VAT returns via the HMRC web service as well as validate uploads.
Upgrade Replication - SQL Identity column added to STKMOVE table to help with SQL Replication
SagePay Testing Utility SagePay Account - The trial account details are shown by default
Open Door Reporter Export to Excel - If we have a problem using Windows to open Excel we now try to find it on the PC and open it directly
Sales All Items Invoice + Credit - Added Show Invoice/Credit buttons