Module Alterations
Nominal > VAT Rates VAT Rates - VAT Rates are now saved in upper case to prevent grouping issues on VAT Returns
Nominal > Nominal Ledger Details Period - Display the potential period, rather than the actual period (99)
Reports > Cashbook > Cashbook by Date Cash Book Account - Validation to enforce user to select a cash book account
Reporting > Trading Analysis Order by Period - When ordering by period the report displayed an error message
Sales Invoicing Invoice to Parent - We have fixed the invoice address when the customer is setup to use an overriding parents details.

Minor Features

Module Functionality
HotFix Attachments - Faciltiy to extract documents in the database out to an external central folder. Change the links to the external central folder and delete the document in the database. This facility will allow you to pick the extension type to extract and the minimum file size.
System Parameters Attachment Save Path - If documents are to saved externally the path is set here.
System Parameters Attachment to Disk - The type of document extensions to be placed in the externat central folder. Leave blank for all
Engine Before Save complete - Changed from a sub to a function to allow the save to be cancelled
MTDfB Port Number - We have removed the port number used from the settings screen as it is now automatically selected at connection time

Major Features

Module Functionality
Amalgamated VAT Amalgamated VAT - We have added functionality to combine VAT data from multiple sources and upload as a single entity. You can upload from Excel, a sql server or from different My.N companies.