Module Alterations
Purchases / Sales > Cash Matching Transaction Splits - Departments & Cost Centres are now recorded against transaction split lines (ISP, TSP, RSP, CSP). These fields have also been updated on historical transaction splits.
Nominal > Cash Payments BACS Payments - Payments against foreign currency suppliers are now included in the BACS file when selecting the BACS payment type.
Nominal > Period Information Validation - Save is blocked if the loaded period information differs to what's saved in the database e.g. if a period has been closed down while the screen was left open.
Tools > Import Validation - Nominal code validation now checks if the nominal has been marked as dead. Errors are added to the warning file.
Printer Speed Upgrade Printing - When printing from the preview screen you could only do this once as it removed a link in the background. This is no longer the case.
Statements Include Zero Balances - When you ticked include zero balances, the sql statement that looked up which accounts did not take into consideration the type of statement it was. This has now been fixed.
Cashbook Revaluation Include Breakdown - If the supplier Bulk Payment module is used the individual entry line values are now being included in the revaluation

Minor Features

Module Functionality
MTDfB MTD - We have added extra security to the MTD screen.
Importer Importer - We have added functionality to the company importer to import company delivery routes.
Copy Companies Copy All Companies - We have changed the functionality to instead copy one single company (the one you are logged into) but all live companies in the database.
Print Queue Print Queue Route Position - We have added the route position from Company Delivery Routes to the print queue.
Printer Settings Printer Settings Logging - We have added more logging to the overide printer settings fucntion in the engine.
Despatch Include Despatched - This feature has been enhanced to used a date to how far back to include the despatched goods. The default is today.
Despatch Ignore Received - For each despatch a user can set the received flag. If set and Include Despatched is selected these are not included but selecting this option all despatched to the date selected are included
Sales Orders Built to Order - The option of unseleting this option will put the Works Order built items into free stock. The Sales Order will also be able to select from free stock