Module Alterations
Misc VPN - Fixed issue where a remote desktop session would think it’s on a VPN


Minor Features


Module Functionality
ReasonCreditControl Reasons - This is a list of reasons an invoice has not been paid
Stock Stock Origin Country - Al list of countries that can supply the Stock Item
SQL FindAllEvents- A SQL procedure that returns all the events associated to the event ref passed in.
SQL FN_GETEORI - The SQL procedure goes through the order of Delivery Address followed by customer to return the EORI/XI EORI number
SQL SplitString - Pass in a string seperated by ',' and each item is quoted and returned.
Reports - Credit Control Credit Card Stages - A list of invoices that are at various debt chasing stages
Reports - Credit Control Credit Control Effort - The time taken to chase debt. This is calculated from when an event is opened to when it is saved.
Reports - Credit Control Credit ControlNotes - The documented effort through events.
Reports - Credit Control Credit Control Promised Dates - The promised dates associated with invoices given by customers.
Reports - Credit Control Credit Control Reasons - The Reasons customers have given for not paying an invoice.
Currencies DeadFlag - This facility has been added
System Parameters Agred Terms - There is now a facility where you can change the system aging defaulted to 30, 60,90, 120
System Parameters Stock Batch Originatin Country - Switching this on will insist any stock entered into My.N that is batch controlled has the orginating country entered
Case Types Orderby, Isbulky,DeadFlag - These have been added to Case Types
Suppliers Stock Originating Country - A default for a supplier can now be set and set if switched on
Customers Company Cash Account - The default on the Cash account can be overridden by this option
Customers Stages - Another two stages bringingthe total to five. This is used in Credit Control for Debt chasing
Company EORI/ NI EORI - The company numbers can be set here.
Delivery Address VAT REG - A number can be set against a delivery address
Delivery Address EORI/ NI EORI - The company numbers can be set here.
Company Details EORI/ NI EORI - Your numbers can be set here.
Contacts Statement, Sales Invoice, Credit Control - These are added options for when sending emails
Depots Remote VAT - Fields have been added to set for Remote VAT
Events Credit Control - When from Debt Chasing you can link the event to the chasing option
Tablet Tablet System - We have added the functionality and screens to pick orders via a tablet specific screen.
Screens Skins - When using central skins in conjunction with a VPN it caches the skin locally and looks for an updated skin each time it’s opened
Menu When using a VPN it’ll now cache the menu icons to make loading quicker
Misc VPN - Implemented JSON to transmit entire datasets in one go to speed up a VPN. This is only available on SQL 2016 and newer
Sales Orders, Purchase Orders Commodity code - Commodity code changed to 14 characters
Month End Month End - Before the month end routine is run it now reorganizes the potential period information
About VPN - Added the VPN flag to the About screen
Splash Screen Splash Screen - My.N splash screen now closes just before the menu is shown, when logging on in a VPN the splash screen would dissapear quite some time before showing the menu
Upgrades Re-index on upgrade - During database upgrades we now take a snapshot of the structure before and after to determine if any indexed fields were changed so they can be reindexed
Maintenance Weekly Cleanup SQL Script - Added a weeklycleanup stored procedure to clean down PIPEDATA and STKUSRHIS periodically, to be manually added to SQL Agent as a job. Designed for use on on larger databases to avoid running it on upgrade
Upgrades Blocks an upgrade when client has enabled Change Tracking on a database


Major Features


Module Functionality
Credit Control Credit Control - Allows you to be made aware of invoices outstanding and is an interactive chasing of debt control