Module Alterations
Quality Control The system now blocks a user trying to transfer stock into the QC type if there are no tests i.e. the stock item is not in the QC system
Login The system now only copies test database connections after a connection has been setup, this keeps the live connection the first in the list
Saving attachments to the server Fixed an issue with certain file extensions not saving
Grids Warning removed when applying a filter/order
Sales Orders When deleting a sales order it will now delete the charge lines before trying to delete the order
Login When logging in and the user doesn't have permissions for anything the was "Error processing menu authorization", this has not been changed to "User has no permissions, please use the User Manager to set permissions"
Stock Items When deleting a stock item it will now also delete any associated QC tests
VAT Status ROW was hardcoded and now is set from the Foreign Execmpt VAT Rate


Minor Features


Module Functionality
Bonded transfer The system now logs the sales order line against the automatic bond to duty paid procedure that happens during despatch
Screens Postcode fields are made uppercase automatically
Export to Excel Changes made to stop Excel miss-formatting data as dates
Grids A refresh button is now present in the bottom right corner of the grids, this only applies to specific types of grids
Despatch The reallocation procedure will now fix orphaned allocations and picks before doing the reallocate, it will now also recalculate the "On Order" figures afterwards
Events On the Add Event screen the history grid is now defaulted to return 50 rows
Events When creating a new contact from an email the system will now go through the emails and change the status from Unknown/Suspected and put them in the Inbox
General Added functionality to store and compare geographical coordinates for Companies and Depots
Login When the system cannot connect to the database a warning telling the user to get their hardware support company to resolve the issue is now displayed
Polling When on a VPN connection the polling interval is set to a minimum of 20 seconds
Journals The account code field now as auto-complete
General - File Prompts When prompted for a file path in imports or exports the system should now remember the previously selected path
Events New field to show the user who's responded to the email first, this is used when an email is sent to multiple people and you don't know if someone has already dealt with it
Events Email Claim - You can now claim an email, this is used when an email is sent to multiple people and you don't know if someone has already dealt with it, it can be claimed so others are aware
General - Drag Drop On picture boxes and when adding email attachments you can drag/drop. When drag/dropping onto picture boxes a single selected file will be used to import, if there are three files selected on the stock item maintenance screen the system will automatically assign the largest (number of pixels) to the image large then image normal then image small automatically
Staff Record Email Accounts - You can now mark an account as dead
VPN Although we try to auto-detect when on a VPN there is now a configuration file you can use to specify you're on a VPN, the file it My.N\Config\VPN.cfg
Stock Items When copying a stock item with QC tests it will now ask if you also want to copy the tests
My.N Launcher New launcher is available for running several versions of My.N on the same PC
Manager The manager program now only updates the entries that have changed and it does it as one big statement to speed it up on a VPN
Screens When adding fields to the screen you can now search the property list
VAT Country EC Countries - Alter countries set as EEC to have a the EXExempt flag set to 'Y' and the LOC country set to 'N'
Company ECExempt status added to Companies
Company Foreign VAT. This can be altered by users.
System Parameters Country LOC checked that it exists
System Parameters ZERO VAT set to Foreign Exempt VAT Rate
VAT Status ROW is now set from the system defaults that have been exposed so they can be altered
Print Queue QC Contact. Where this not a contact for a CRP document a default QC contact can be set.
Print Queue QC Note added to Print Queue
Nominals Nominal Code Journals so that only the correct type Nominals are selectable
Nominals Lookup optons for Foreign VAT Control Account and Foreign VAT Libility Account
Shipments Trade Customer Cost account has a look up option
Shipments Trade Supplier Cost account has a look up option
VAT Foreign VAT Exempt has a lookup facility
Test Batches Certified Stock batch count kept with each transaction
Company QC Note available in companies
Contacts Default QC contact option added
Country VAT Exempt option and No. of days to add to estimated arrival date when shipping goods availabe
Depots Foreign VAT control account can be set as default
Depots Foreign VAT Liability account can be set as default
Despatchs Remote VAT Control account for the depot for the VAT posting is used if set.
Nominals Creating new Balance type nominal type 'V' can be selected
Shipments Country
Shipments ETA days can be increased by default using the Country days to Add feature
Shipments Supplier cost Matrix available
Shipments Customer Cost matrix can be set
Stock Items Primary Item option can be set to indicate this is a main Stock Item
Stock Browse Depot added to Stock Browse
New Control Added an interactive grid control to move around object timings. This can be used for scheduling specific jobs to specific people/buildings/vehicles.
Email Added functinality to use IMAP for emails.