Managing one of your biggest assets, accurately and efficiently.

If you think about it for a second, stock is simply another form of money

To track your stock properly and accurately, My.N for the Drinks Industry provides you with a tightly integrated, real time processing system.

Real time information

As you process, your stock system will always be up to date and in balance with your general ledger.

Every receipt, movement, revaluation and despatch, is recorded in real time. This allows you to get a breakdown of all movements at any point in time and generate a full stock movement report on any item of stock. All stock is tracked at its actual value and all bond-to-duty revaluations are managed in real time. So if anything goes awry, you have a clear audit trail so you can trace back to find out what has happened.

Within this, the system provides support for:

  • Stock under bond
  • Duty paid orders against stock held in bond
  • Duty paid orders against stock held in your own warehouse
  • Ex-cellars
  • En primeur and customer reserves
  • Commissioned sales
  • EDI

Automatic Stock Revaluation at point of despatch

The system has been designed to hold stock in bond for duty paid orders until the last possible moment. This is the point of despatch, and your stock is automatically revalued and the duty to be paid is accrued.

Other features of the system include:

  • Actual Stock Valuations
  • Multiple stock warehouses and bin locations
  • Serial & Batch Tracking
  • Stock factoring (buy in cases, sell in singles)
  • Case fractions as items (10.1 = 10 cases + 1 bottle)
  • Multi-level stock pricing matrices
  • Creation of mixed cases
  • Back-to-Back ordering

Case study

Read how The Antique Wine Company has experienced "unparalleled rates of growth and expansion" since installing My.N for the Drinks Industry