Accounting for Success!

Your business reporting in a way that suits you

As a fully integrated business package, My.N for the Drinks Industry provides you with a complete suite of multi-currency financials at its heart, where information is delivered in real time.

The most important thing the system does for you is to keep track of your three main assets: cash, stock and debtors, accurately and in real time so that at any point, you know where you are.

For sales analysis, profitability is held for each individual order line, based on actual stock costs.

The multi-layered nominal ledger structure is designed to be flexible, functional and intuitive. It allows you to configure your chart of accounts to suit what you need, and to modify it at any stage in the future.

The nominal allows you to report on your income and expenditure in an number of ways, including any combination of the following categories:

  • Department
  • Cost Centre
  • Site
  • Depot

The whole system is comprehensive, flexible and above all, easy to use

In addition to this nominal reporting, income and expenditure can be given a separate 'Activity' identifier, allowing you to report on specific Projects and Activities in addition to, and independent of, the nominal ledger.

The nominal and cash browse screens give you easy navigation around the system so you can quickly move all the way from nominal ledger transaction, back through to the originating transactions, whether these are sales orders, purchase orders or purchase invoices.

Reporting is provided by My.N's own reporting tool which is used for the standard system reports, user defined reports and the browse forms which allow 'one-click' access to the information behind any transaction.

It just means you make more money for less work

My.N brings together all of your front office dealings with your back office activities, and simplifies them.

You will see immediate improvements in quicker order taking, faster despatch, streamlined accounts and automatic calculation of duty.

Case study

Read how Maisons Marques et Domaines Ltd has seen dramatic improvements in its business processes since installing My.N for the Drinks Industry.